Morocco during Easter, April 2020

A road trip that explores the historical and cultural roots of today's Morocco: Marrakech, the imperial and commercial capital founded 1000 years ago, its history, its people and its fantastic souks; the Berber universe that lies on the other side of the High Atlas mountains; the nomadic markets and frontier cities of the Sahara region; the experience of sleeping in a bedouin tent in the vastness of the desert; Fez, the oldest of imperial cities, a labyrinth of narrow alleys and towering walls that hide spectacular palaces, mosques, madrasas, mansions and gardens; and the exotic Tangier, that city that fell deep in the minds of artists and writers such as Bowls, Burroughs and Capote.

What to expect from our trips?

Accommodation in extraordinary riads and kasbahs, chosen for their beauty, tradition and best location. Long walks through medinas, souks, bazaars, markets and remote villages, away from the circuit of tours and mass tourism. Walks focused on history, architecture, art and popular culture. While our itineraries always touch on the icons of fundamental tourism, the essence of our tours aims to move away from the beaten track to get in touch with the genuine and the authentic. We share with our travelers data from our personal travel diary about the latest in local design, where to buy the new and where to find the antique, the lesser-known popular markets and the only-by-appointment-showrooms, precious data collected through years of experience and permanent research.

 The trip begins in Marrakech on Tuesday 7 April, and ends in Tangier on Friday 17 April, 10 days of travel.

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