Japan, May 2020

The trip proposes to approach Japan through its contrasts: From the incomparable Tokyo and the millenary Kyoto to authentic rural villages numbed in the past. From the mysterious forests of Mount Koya dotted with temples and monasteries, to the island of Naoshima, where contemporary art museums merge with nature. From the dazzling city life to the silence of the mountains and the rice fields. From simplicity to ornamentation. The aesthetic enjoyment. The identification of ancestral values in contemporary life. A ceremony in each gesture. The delight in the food and the fascinating diversity of people.

What to expect from our trips?

Accommodation in hyper-functional hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto, a beautiful monastery in the mountains of Mount Koya and accommodation at the Benessee Museum in Naoshima. Long walks through old markets, traditional districts and remote villages, away from the circuit of tours and mass tourism. Walks focused on history, architecture, art and popular culture. While our itineraries always touch on the icons of fundamental tourism, the essence of our tours aims to move away from the beaten track to get in touch with the genuine and authentic. We share with our travelers data from our personal travel diary about the latest in local design, where to buy the new and where to find the old, the lesser-known popular markets and the only-by-appointment-showrooms, precious data collected through years of experience and permanent research.

The trip begins in Tokyo on Thursday 30 April, and finishes in Tokyo on Thursday 14 May, 14 days of travel. 

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