India, October 2020

A tour meticulously designed to introduce us to the diversity of values, religions and cultures that coexist, surprisingly, within the same territory: India.

Sixteen days going into the customs of the Asian subcontinent: The contrast between the primitive Old Delhi and the monumental Imperial Delhi; the beauty of the incomparable Taj Mahal; a road trip through Rajasthan that goes from the popular bazaars of Jaipur to the perfect palaces of Udaipur; the beautiful Mumbai, city-scenario of tropical imperialism; Sikh devotion in the Golden Temple of Amritsar; and the sacred river Ganges at the height of Varanasi, a mysterious city that seems to be out of time.

What to expect from our trips?

Accommodation in palaces, havelis and extraordinary hotels, chosen for their beauty, tradition and best location. Long walks through ancient bazaars, markets and remote villages, away from the circuit of tours and mass tourism, and boat trips on the Ganges River. Walks focused on history, architecture, art and popular culture. While our itineraries always touch on the icons of fundamental tourism, the essence of our routes aims to move away from the beaten track to get in touch with the genuine and the authentic. We share with our travelers data from our personal travel diary about the latest in local design, where to buy the new and where to find the old, the lesser-known popular markets and the only-by-appointment-showrooms, precious data collected through years of experience and permanent research.

The trip begins in New Delhi on Thursday 8 October, and finishes in New Delhi on Friday 23October, 15 day of travel. 

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