We organize and guide cultural trips to unconventional destinations


I was in that place, I fed with its food,

I related with its people, I walked its streets,

I traveled its geography.

We move away from traditional tourism to delve into the heart of the world, which, far from the traditional itineraries and the crowded tours, beats in the intricate alleys of a medina, in a rural village of the most traditional Japan, or in a Buddhist town in the Himalayas.

Through small groups - from 6 to 8 people - or through personalized and exclusive organization for private groups of friends, couples or family groups, since 2011 we organize and guide, personally, each of the routes we propose.

We have guided more than 20 groups through India, 5 through Nepal, 7 through Japan and more than 25 groups through Morocco.


Francisca Bancalari

Francisca did an MA in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths University, University of London, London, UK, city where she lived for 8 years. A traveller by tradition and heritage and motivated by her cultural concerns, since very young she embarks on many trips and explorations. Francisca toured Europe and Eastern Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Malta, Turkey, Mauritania, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Japan, India, Nepal, Tibet and several countries in Latin America. In early 2012 she naturally joined Miramundo viajes. In 2015 she developed Editor de viajes, an agency that focuses its tours through contemporary art platforms, such as Biennials and art capitals. Francisca currently directs and guides the trips of Miramundo.

Email. francisca@miramundoviajes.com

Mobile. +549 11 33 42 84 95


María Varela

Passionate about communication in all its forms, María worked as a travel writer for different Spanish media for more than 7 years. This is how she toured, in addition to Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic region, countries such as India, Nepal, Tibet, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Japan, Thailand, Mozambique, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Russia, Turkey , North America and Latin America. This long and enriching period dedicated to travel beyond the usual borders and -except accompanied by her daughter Francisca- always alone, was the trigger for Maria to return to Buenos Aires in 2011 with an idea: To share in a much closer way her traveling experiences with curious people, eager to know and interact with other cultures. This is how Miramundo viajes was born.


Some images of past tours and inspirations